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Mural Collage

This piece was put together as a collage and drawn with charcoal to be part of a mural at Gateway Community College's cafeteria. 

Charcoal and Pencil

Both drawings are part of a series of portraits done with different techniques. The first one uses mostly pencil with different weights and some charcoal for mid tones. The second portrait is more linear and was drawn mostly with charcoal and some pencil to help define smaller areas. 


All five drawings above are studies of the human body using the hatching technique to define light and dark areas in each model.


All three drawings are quick studies and sketches of real models. The first one is for two minutes. The second was 40 seconds and the third is a 30 second sketch.

Still Lifes

All three drawings are from still lifes and were all done in charcoal. The study was to show high contrast and complexity of forms, as well as putting emphasis on composition. 
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