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Four Seasons

These series of four drawings represent human expressions throughout each season of the year. Each one has a different mood. Excitement for Summer, happiness for Spring, calmness for Fall and discomfort for Winter.

Tsunami, Chile 2010

The first drawing depicts the sadness of an old man as he points to the rocks and showing how his business ended up after the earthquake. The second drawing shows a woman's expression after having cried so much by knowing her children had died in the tsunami. The third drawing is a self-portrait of me in shock while knowing all the destruction both the earthquake and tsunami had caused to my home country.

Color Temperature

The first two drawings were part of a study in color temperature. Warmer colors were used for highlights, while cool colors were used for shadows, and a mix of both for mid tones. The third drawing is an approach in trying to capture earth tones from a female figure.
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