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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

  1. The Competition

  2. The Solution

  3. Target Audience

  4. Design Exploration

  5. Media Platforms

  6. Color and Typography

  7. Why Invest in Rebranding

Headlines are crucial in marketing campaigns

1. Helping save lives.
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) wants to decrease crime rate by telling their audience to avoid the use of firearms.
2. Thinking safety first.
CSGV wants to create consciousness about safety being first above anything else.
3. Avoiding crime is happiness.
This tagline gives more of a positive outlook on the results of not owning a gun.
4. Live. Less. Violence.
This message invites the audience to think about living better every day without the need of firearms.
5. Peace is leaving.
Guns only drive violence, so why not join the peace makers.
6. Life is a gift, don’t despise it.
This line reminds us about the only life we have. One mistake and many lives are gone.
7. Because lives matter.
CSGV wants their audience to know that their lives matter more than anything else in this world.
8. Your loved ones will appreciate it.
This message is directed towards the integrity of one’s family by reminding gun holders to leave their weapons at home.
9. More life, less problems.
It isn’t grammatically correct, but the slang means: the fewer deaths, the fewer problems a society could have.
10. Let the experts handle them.
Guns are serious, and only experts should handle them.
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