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About the project

The project talks about the creation and development of an Eco-friendly 3D printing company along with strategies to increase public awareness about its technology and benefits. (for educational purposes)

Project Book

The animation contains 31 pages with all the content created for the project.

Pitch Video

A 60-second pitch video was created to present the concept to a potential client. It includes pertinent research to help develop the voice and tone. Also a rationale that explains how the visual choices express the narrative. And a rationale on how the media choices would reach the intended audience.

Dynamic Moodboard

A 40-second dynamic presentation was created to communicate all aspects and key variables of the static moodboard. See the 'Animated project book' to find out more.


‎Infographic‬ for EcoSmart3D depicting its brand‬ development. It includes ‪research, design‬ and ‪‎marketing‬ ‪strategies‬ to position the company in the market place. 
Click the image to view the entire graphic.

This project was created for educational purposes.

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Target Audience

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