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Jamaica Travel

Front of a mailed postcard to invite tourists to come visit Negril Beach for nightly shows, and enjoy the sunset over the sea horizon in a beautiful Caribbean view.

Rogers Parkin Sailing

Logo design with the Americana style created for Hashtag Board Co's long sleeve t-shirt. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were utilized in this project.

The Unfastened Heart

This piece was selected within 41 Finalists in over 5,000 entrants for art inspired by the novel of The Unfastened Heart -
The scene was inspired by the image of Mariela and her lover in those languorous summer evenings under orange groves. 
"While Anna is rediscovering passion, Mariela is encountering it for the first time. She spends the languorous summer evenings in the orange groves with her lover, where the scents of ripeness and desire pervade her very breath."

Wireframe and Final Product

This piece is an exercise to see how a linear drawing could be converted into solid objects with the use of Adobe Illustrator.
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