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Dynamic Mood Board

The Dynamic ‎Moodboard‬ of PG ‎Sports communicates the company’s ‎values‬ and ‎corporate‬ ‎elements‬ through ‎sound‬ and ‎movement‬.

Static Mood Board

Mood board ‪‎design‬ for PG ‪‎Sports‬ depicting its ‎values‬ and ‪corporate‬ elements through visual graphics.


‎Infographic‬ for PG ‪‎Sports‬ depicting its brand development. It includes ‪research, design‬ and marketing ‪strategies‬ to reposition the company in the market place. 

Trent Williams Collab

Facebook and Twitter banner designs for Trent Williams, Washington Left Tackle. The left figure shows the athlete and the type of sport, while the image on the right shows the PG Sports branding.

Consistency is Key

A t-shirt‬ design‬ for PG Sports. The ‎concept‬ is ‎Consistency is Key‬. The black represents ‎power‬, while the gold is for ‎winning‬ and ‎succeeding‬.

Didi Gregorious Collab

Facebook and Twitter banner designs for Didi Gregorius, New York Yankees ShortStop. Several pictures were captured to depict the swing of the baseball player.

Jimmy Williams Collab

T-shirt ‎designs‬ for Jimmy, Quiet Storm, Williams, a pro boxer from the ‎New Haven, CT‬ area.

Target Audience

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