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Alma Natural

Both advertisement's purpose is for people to come learn about natural ways to creating medicine. The first poster lists the topics that will be discussed with the use of different oils. The second class will utilized plants to learn how to create creams, deodorants and ointments.


The first two posters are brand new concepts from the course: Designing a Poster by Nigel French. Both were created with the golden section tool. The third poster was designed to show the Four Season drawings in color charcoal at the Harvard University Art Museum.


The first poster depicts a child with an alcohol bottle inside to show where it goes when women drink during pregnancy. The second poster shows a testimonial by Hitler to let parents know that guns are a mistake and what have caused throughout history. The third poster was designed for a student in the Psychology department of Universidad Mayor from Temuco, Chile. It describes what Ezquizofrenia is and its symptoms.

Design Timelines

Both designs revolved around inspiration and originality. (1)Five visionaries are represented with their own particular movement. The study depicts similarities in Paula Scher's style, the one chosen as inspiration. (2)Depicts different periods throughout history by researching five innovative movements.

Design Firms

Research was conducted to indicate the most reknown design firms locally, nationally and internationally into an infographic. Dark blue was used to represent knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness.

Romeo & Juliet

The first two posters are redesigns from the course: Designing a Poster by Nigel French. The white version is a whole new concept created with the rose and dagger elements.
Much Ado is a unique design with elements from the course: Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale by Ina Saltz. Scale is the main characteristic being portrayed. The poster on the right shows Chewbacca without hair in response to approving the anti-fur movement.
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