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Cristian is the only Christian artist, graphic designer and brand strategist from Chile that resides in Connecticut, whose true passion lies in brand development and content creation, shows value in committing to Christ Jesus, the happiness of his family, clients and friends, and expresses his vision by putting determination and audacity to inspire those around him.


Aspires to bring fulfillment to clients. Provides them the necessary tools to keep them informed and encouraged about the brand.


Allows clients to experience the desire for the brand. Brings consistency and facilitates them its immediate recognition.


Finds ways of doing things differently than the competition. Has the tenacity and courage to inspire those around it.


Commits to the happiness of its clients. Creates awareness and informs the public about the quality of the brand.


Expresses to its audience what the brand stands for. Conveys understanding from its inner core.


Creates strategies for new opportunities in the marketplace. Thinks about the benefits consumers can earn.
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