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Duo Vertex

The water drop mark visualizes the concept of cleaning and maintenance. Blue is the color of the sky and sea, both reflect cleanliness and helps in promoting products and services related to water purification and cleaning liquids.



Esperanza, for hope, was built upon the idea of helping illegal immigrants reach their legal status in the United States. The dove represents the hope for those in need of legal assistance.

Briand & Pruslow

The redesign of their identity collateral will show their clients more clearly that their focus is handling legal matters. The black represents elegancy, and the blue stands for trust worthiness. It is something clients seek when they look for serious representation.

Quest Magazine

Use of typography to directly identify the name of the firm. Its Q shape emphasizes the globe by letting their clients know that their articles are for traveling sites from around the world. The orange represents the warm weather clients seek when they search for that place of adventure and rest.

Spy Optics Inc.

Example of the redesign of a corporate identity. Spy uses their brand on glasses made for over-achieving athletes from the world of action, motor, and multi-sports. The red represents the action and risk that athletes take.
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